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Mobile Poll and Mobile Monitoring Feature for Parents

SafetyWeb iPhone Application
Parents can now use SafetyWeb to monitor their child's mobile phone activity from anywhere - from the Web by logging into, or from the SafetyWeb mobile application for iPhone and Android.

SafetyWeb Mobile Monitoring is included in every SafetyWeb subscription, and shows your child's mobile phone call and mobile text message activity. It's never been easier to know who is calling and texting your child, and whom your child is calling and texting. Also know what times your child is using their mobile phone to call and text their friends, and be alerted if they are using their phone at inappropriate or restricted time periods.

SafetyWeb monitors mobile phones on all major wireless networks, including Verizon, AT&T Wireless, Sprint, and T Mobile. Simply log in to your SafetyWeb account and connect your child's mobile phone details.

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