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Teens Keep Texting and Driving(0)

June 20, 2013

The word has been out for some time – texting and driving is a deadly risk to take when behind the wheel.  In recent weeks two different studies have confirmed this, and one also shows that it’s on the rise, especially among young drivers. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) [...]

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Texting: 911 for Teens

Texting is the king of communication for teens, but it’s now looking like it may serve a more important role than its traditional use of chattering back and forth with friends and family. Crisis hotlines are finding that today’s youth are opting out of using the phone to reach out for help, and are turning [...]

Generation Text

It’s almost impossible these days to find a teen who isn’t tethered to his or her mobile device.  Peas and carrots. Milk and cookies. Now, it’s teens and texting! To add more proof of this trend, this week Online Schools published an informative new infographic highlighting the incredible frequency with which today’s teens text. According [...]

Cyberbullying: California Takes Aim at Cyberbullies with New Law

Remember the days of prank calling? …like that time you and your friends pretended to be somebody you didn’t like in school so you could order 10 pizza pies delivered to their home? Or what about that time your dad impersonated a police officer when he called the girl who was bullying you to scare [...]

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